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Liturgical texts:

Troparion of the Celebration of the Tikhvin Icon in Church Slavonic and English (PDFs: Church Slavonic, English; 1 page А5; 85 KB).

Akathist to the Theotokos in Honour of the Apparition of Her Tikhvin Icon in Church Slavonic

There is a PDF version of the akathist, whose text also includes, apart from the akathist itself, the celebration troparion, a prayer and illustrations from the Tikhvin Monastery historical manuscripts; 2.7 MB. This PDF document is intended for duplex printing on A4/Letter paper and saddle stitched binding with a long-arm office stapler. If your printer does not have the automatic double-sided printing capability, you can print on both sides manually. To do so, first select the 'Odd pages' option in the Print dialog. Then, put the printed sheets back in the manual tray and print even pages on the same paper.

Akathist to St. Anthony Dymsky in Church Slavonic



Chronicles and historical texts:

 The Story of the Apparition and Miracles of the Tikhvin Icon (64 KB) (Church Slavonic)


An excerpt from the Tikhvin Monastery chronicle manuscript in Church Slavonic

Metropolitan Macary. The History of the Russian Church. Vol. 6, Ch. IV (156 KB) (Russian)

The History of the Russian Church by metropolitan Macary (Bulgakov) (†1882) was compiled and written in 19 century. It still remains the most complete, well-known and fundamental work on the subject. The chapter published here throws light upon the qualities and activities of the eminent 16 century Russian Church hierarch — Metropolitan Macary of Moscow and all Russia. Prior to being elected to the post of the primate, Macary occupied the metropolitan cathedra in the diocese of Novgorod.

Metropolitan Macary led many important initiatives in the church and state life of his era; among his deeds was the establishment of the Great Tikhvin Monastery in honour of the Dormition of the Theotokos.

Acad. Sergey Platonov. Ivan Grozny (259 KB) (Russian)

 The establishment of the Tikhvin Monastery in 1560 at the place where in 1383 the miracle-working icon appeared is associated with the name of tsar Ioann IV Vasilyevich Grozny. Under the spiritual guidance of metropolitan Macary, before the crowning, Grozny undertook the pilgrimage trip to the holy icon of the Theotokos of Tikhvin. Later, around the Cathedral of the Dormition (built by his father, Vasily III in 1507-1515), by Grozny's decree the monastery was founded.

This essay by the academician Sergey Platonov (1860–1933) was written in 1923. Together with his books on the reign of Boris Godunov and the history of Smuta, for the objectivity and high research standards this work by Platonov has long been valued by the specialists among the classical texts in the Russian historiography.


Modern articles:

Victor Ozherelyev. Signs and Meanings of the Hodegetria of Tikhvin. Semantics of the iconographic archetype (Russian)


The essay by the head of publishing service of the monastery deals with the rich symbolic language of the holy image




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